Born in Stockholm in 1960
Lives and works in Stockholm, mail:
Represented by Gallery Dierking Zürich
2022 Market Artfair Stockholm with Otto Boll
2021 Gallerie Dierking Zürich Switzerland
2021 Liljevalchs Konsthall.Stockholm, with Eva Lange
2021 Gallery Hammarén Gothenburg, with Eva Lange
2018 Gallerie Dierking Zürich, Switzerland, with Otto Boll
2017 Göteborg Konstmuseum, Sten A Olsson Kulturstipendie 2017
2017 SHINE Gallery Fagerstedt, Stockholm
2016 Inde/Jacobs Gallery, Marfa, Texas, with Jarrod Beck
2016 Market Art Fair, Gallery Fagerstedt, Stockholm
2016 Volta Art Fair, Gallery Fagerstedt, New York
2015 EXTENDED VIEW Gallery Fagerstedt, Stockholm
2013 EXPOSURE Arts Academy. Stockholm
2011 Double Elvis Gallery, Stockholm
2010 "Screens" Art trading. Artist House, Stockholm
2010 Rättviks Konsthall 2009 Zoo Art Fair, London
2009 Natalia Goldin Gallery, Stockholm
2009 FULL VIEW Uppsala Konst Museum
2008 The Swedish General Art Society
2007 Gallery 1, Gothenburg
2006 Galleri Engström, Stockholm
2004 Gallery 1, Gothenburg
2003 Galleri Engström, Stockholm
2002 Botkyrka Konsthall Mathias van Arkell, Stockholm
2002 Gallery C. Hjärne, Helsingborg
2001 Galleri Engström, Stockholm
2000 GaIIeri Susanne Pettersson Norrköping
2000 Gallery 1, Gothenburg
1999 Galleri Engström, Stockholm
1998 Gallery Du Nord, Boras
1997 Galleri Engström, Stockholm
1996 Gallery 1, Gothenburg
1995 Tomarps Farm, Kristianstad
1995 Gallery Ferm, Malmo
1995 Constructive Tendency, Stockholm
1993 Constructive Tendency, Stockholm
1993 Ars Nova, Gothenburg

2021 NOTHINGTOSEENESS void/white/silence. Museum Akademie Der Künste Berlin, Germany
2020 WINDOWS AND CORNERS, Gallery Elastic, Stockholm
2020 SILENCE IS SO ACCURATE, curated by Lien Craps, Geukens & De Vil, Antwerpen, Belgium
2019 MONOPOL, Gallery Elastic, Stockholm
2019 FLUID TIMES Gallery Elastic, Stockholm
2019 Gebert Contemporary Santa Fe, USA
2019 FIELDS, Inde/Jacobs Gallery, Marfa USA
2018 Summer Show, Gallerie Dierking, Zürich, Switzerland
2018 Winter Studio Gallery Fagerstedt, Stockholm
2014 OBSERVATIONS with Jårg Geismar, Hyun-Jin Kwak, Maija Savolainen Gallery Fagerstedt, Stockholm
2014 AT THE FRONTIER painting by Richard G Carlsson, John Sundkvist gallery 1. Gothenburg
2013 AT THE FRONTIER painting by Richard G Carlsson, John Sundkvist. Olle Nyman's studio Stockholm
2012 Artist house with Anna Wignell. Stockholm
2010 Art Forum, Norrkoping
2008 MINIMAL, Gallery Åmells, Stockholm
2003 Contemporary Swedish Art, Gallery Åmells, London
2002 Skövde konsthall
1999 Galleri Engström, Stockholm Art Fair
1995 Södertälje Art Hall
1995 Constructive Tendency, Stockholm
1994 Constructive Tendency, Stockholm
1994 Ars Nova, Gothenburg
1990 Heland Wetterling, Stockholm

1998 Marine Museum Karlskrona

RIRA Collection, Cologne
Sten A Olsson Art Collection
Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, California
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Göteborgs Konst Museum
Norrköpings Konst Museum
Skövde Konst Museum
Åbo Art Museum, Lars Göran Johnson art collection
Four Seasons New York
Amells collections, Stockholm
National Public Art
Stockholm Konst
SAK, “Swedish Art Association”

2020 Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2017 Sten A Olsson Kulturstipendie
2014 Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2011 Arts Grants 2007 Academy of Fine Arts
2004 Swedish Art Grants Committee
2000 Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1999 Academy of Fine Arts
1996 Academy of Fine Arts
1995 Baertlingstipendiet
1995 Swedish Arts Grants Committee
1986 -1990 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm
1984 -1986 Valand Art Academy, Gothenburg